Main Components of a Solar Energy System

Main Components of a Solar Energy System

Lockdown has actually given us the time to ponder over the basic necessities and luxuries of our lives. While electricity is indeed a basic necessity of our daily living, its production and consumption are purely our choice and responsibility. Taking this point in mind, we all should realise that the use of solar energy, solar panels, solar inverters etc should soon become the most important elements of our lives. They are not only good for our households but also beneficial for our environment.

Livfast is a trusted name amongst all, which believes in leaving a liveable and healthy planet for our future generations to come. So, as a team, we have been doing our bit by producing the most efficient and durable solar energy systems. Our experts have developed the components with innovative and technologically driven methods.

Solar Energy System

There is so much more to a solar energy system than just solar panels. There are multiple components to this system, which are manufactured and delivered by many brands. Each brand offers some very unique advantages, which are beneficial for the consumer. Let’s look at the main components of a solar energy system.

  • Panels: These are visible and relatable component of a solar energy system. Most of us believed till some time back that this was the only thing associated with this system. Solar panels work simply by generating electricity by using sunlight or solar radiations. They are a long-term investment, that too an expensive one, and thus should be a wise one. The main concerns are related to the performance of the system over time, the quality of the installation, durability and longevity of the product and the given warranty span.
  • Inverters: They are an equally important part of a solar energy system. These inverters are usually used to convert DC electricity produced by the solar panels into AC electricity. We always suggest to go for a trusted brand like Livfast, when it comes to the purchase of robust, long-lasting and efficient inverter.
  • Racking: This is an important part of the system as this racking/mounting is essential to keeping the panels attached to the roof. The step included in this is important as otherwise it might leave holes in the roof or result in other critical safety violations. Our brand, Livfast, ensures to follow the correct procedures for the unmatched performance of the solar energy system and safety of the complete family.
  • Solar Battery Storage: Batteries are used to store energy generated during the day to be used at night. They are beneficial for the complete system to work efficiently. Our company is a pioneer in the manufacturing of long-lasting, durable, low-maintenance solar tubular batteries.

It is mostly suggested to install the complete system from a single installer as it provides ease and comfort before, during and after the solar energy system is installed. Be assured as Livfast offers a great warranty span for all the components and provides the complete system with hassle-free installation.

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