5 Ways to Make A Solar Panel Last

5 Ways to Make A Solar Panel Last

With this COVID19 and 40 days of lockdown, one thing that we all have learnt is to take care of our health and environment. Nature is the foremost truth, and it finds ways to keep up the balance. In these 40 days, nature has and is still healing itself in every manner. Our aspirations and carbon footprints established have led to extensive environmental degradation.

Our learning from this is to find durable and sustainable ways to co-exist happily with nature. Solar energy systems are one huge step towards saving our environment and reducing the usage of fossil fuels.

Solar Power Systems

We all need power and electricity to survive these days. But what if it is produced most ecologically? Yes, utilizing the sun’s energy to produce electricity and not using the power from the grid will definitely do a lot of good to the environment. Solar power systems are the most fruitful and ecological way of producing the essential need.

A solar power system is made up of photovoltaic panels, a DC to AC power converter and a rack system. Solar power system uses or captures the energy from the sun and subsequently converts it into electricity. Solar panels are made up of these units called photovoltaic cells. The step by step working of solar panels is:

  • Panels absorb sunlight
  • Generate DC
  • Convert DC energy intoC energy with the help of an inverter
  • AC energy then flows through the home’s distribution box and is distributed accordingly

Tips to take care of these panels

These panels are so quiet and noiseless that you hardly notice them. But how often do you clean them? Some areas need a weekly wash, and some can get away with a month. This actually depends on the area you are living in. Longevity and efficient working are the factors we all look for when we have spent such a huge amount on their installation. For them to last effectively, there are certain parameters you need to work on. Let’s look at some points by which you can maintain your panels in good health.

  • Keep them clean
  • Keep them out of the shade
  • Monitor the panels
  • Keep a record of your panel’s performance
  • Be careful of the ways of cleaning the panels

To learn more about the various types of solar panels and the various costs associated with installing and maintaining solar panels, make sure to visit our website of Livfast. We are a trusted brand and a leader in offering the best solar panels in the most competitive prices. We believe in leaving a livable and healthy planet for our future generations to come.

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