Advantages of Solar Energy

5 Advantages of Solar Energy

Solar power is a great sustainable, green energy choice to help reduce energy costs. More and more households are choosing to install solar panels in their home to become less reliant on power grid supplies. They virtually have no maintenance as solar panel lasts for more than 20 years. Solar energy can be used to heat water, power homes and buildings etc. in a much safer way than traditional electric current.

Five reasons to install home solar panels

  • Provides clean, renewable energy: Solar energy is the cleanest and extremely effective way of making your household more efficient and sustainable. Solar panels don’t use any water to generate electricity, they don’t release harmful gases into the environment, and the source of their energy is abundant. Using solar energy instead of the grid also means you reduce the need for carbon dioxide emitting energy to be produced for the grid on your behalf. Thus, reducing your household’s carbon footprints.
  • Gives you freedom and control over electricity: Solar energy supplies are massive, and the sunshine used in solar energy production is free. On the other hand, fossil fuels are fast running out. By reducing our dependency on these finite resources by using a free source of energy, such as sunlight, could mean lower energy prices, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and a stronger, more stable energy future.
  • Saving on your utility bill: They are a great return on investments unlike paying for utility bills. It can be used at nights as well by storing extra power through batteries.
  • Using less water: Water is one of our most precious natural resources. Traditional electricity production can use thousands of litres of water each year. Water is used for cooling generators, processing and refining fuel and transporting fuel through pipes. Generating power through solar panels, however, uses no water whatsoever. The only water needed is rainwater to clean the panels when they get a bit grubby naturally.
  • Reducing air pollution: Electricity generation from fossil fuels can generate harmful carbon dioxide and methane gases that lower the quality of the air we breathe. Breathing poor quality air daily can have dire consequences for our health.

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