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4 Benefits of Using an Auto Rickshaw

Most cities and towns in India are practically run by auto-rickshaws, as they form one of the easiest modes of transport for a huge population here. They play an important role on roads where public transport finds it difficult to reach. This has made an auto-rickshaw immensely popular with the Indian population. They are also a cheap mode of commutation, enabling people to reach unreachable destinations quickly. It has turned into one of the most reliable urban modes of transportation.

The auto-rickshaws have also given the taxi drivers a run for their money. This has made the app-based taxi services to tie up with these auto-rickshaws to bring them on board. Hailed as the most economical and local way to commute, autos play a pivotal role in India’s transportation network.

Various Benefits of Using an Auto Rickshaw

  • Preferred Mode of Public Transport: An auto has made public transport a preferred mode of commutation for people, due to its point-to-point connectivity and convenience as compared to a bus.
  • Land Space: For every new private car in the city, a minimum of two parking spaces will be required, thus, eating up more land as compared to an auto. It carries more people as compared to a private car and one-third of the parking space.
  • Costs: The various reasons that make auto the ideal choice in terms of cost classification are:
    • They consume one-third of the natural resources in their production
    • Serves as a low-cost mode of transport for low- and middle-class population of India
    • As they are less prone to major accidents, they cause minimal damage to the pavements as compared to heavy vehicles and cars. Thus, lowering the highway maintenance cost.
  • Environmental Benefits: Auto-rickshaws with the right maintenance and care produces fewer emissions compared to private cars, due to their smaller engines. Now with the conversion of autos into CNG options, emission from this sector has been successfully addressed to a large extent.
  • Safety Benefits: As they are smaller and travel at a slower speed, they are the safest mode of transportation as compared to a car or a bus.

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