Factors to Consider Before Installing Solar Panels

Factors to Consider Before Installing Solar Panels

Have you noticed the freshness in the air during this lockdown period? It is the result of lack of pollution and abundance of clear air. Now the question arises as to what measures need to be taken, after this lockdown, to ensure this clean environment. A complete lockdown scenario is impossible but a gradual change in our day to day activities can surely bring in some changes for the betterment of nature and our surroundings.

As a global citizen, we have a great responsibility to fulfil now. One of many essentials is the usage of solar panels in our homes to generate electricity. This procedure, when used in sync with other components of a solar energy system, helps in reducing our dependency on the grid power.

Now before installing them, there are certain factors one needs to consider. Those factors are:

  • Choose the right technology: There are multiple solar technologies to choose from like mono, poly or thin films. Choosing the right technology of solar panel will have a much greater impact on clean energy units produced.
  • Measure your energy usage: This is very important to determine in order to decide the number of panels required. It will help to cover solar energy consumption.
  • Decide if you want it with or without battery: The time the energy is consumed doesn’t generally coincide with the time electricity is produced. So, it’s always advisable to store this energy generation to be used mostly in mornings and evenings. Therefore, it seems very logical to store energy during the day and use it after sunsets.
  • Decide the correct positioning: To extract the maximum output, this factor plays a very important role. There is science involved in this. Like if you stay in the northern hemisphere, the sun is in the south of the sky. So, for exposure of the sun, solar panels need to be placed on a south-facing roof.
  • Look out for the budget: Earlier solar panels used to be very expensive and were only available for very few people. But today with the need for the betterment of the environment and increase in global demand for solar solutions, they are affordable to a larger number of people.
  • Choose a good and trusted brand: As per your requirements and usage decide on the technology you want to implement in your household. Accordingly, go for a trusted brand which is well known to provide the best and efficient results for a long time.

Installing your own solar panels has the potential to allow you freedom from the electrical grid, reduce the carbon footprint of your household or business and possibly reduce your electricity bills. To learn more about the various types of solar panels and the various costs associated with installing and maintaining solar panels, make sure to visit our website of Livfast. We are a trusted brand and a leader in offering the best solar panels in the most competitive prices.

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